Art Projects

Gone Fishin

A little drawing I did recently. Inspired by Norman Rockwell and dicks. Click to biggify

Scanner Art

Sometimes, I scan things and make them art. It’s called scanography. Sounds dirty right

Goats In The Mi(d)st

Chris Campbell is a powerful muse. Due to liking an unimportant photo of mine on social media, I decided to insert his beardly goodness into said photo. He clutches my exposed heart in his hand, gently and with coy reverence

Transcendental Visitors

Late at night, on my way home from a gig, I was cat-called by a couple who asked if I wanted to share a joint. More intrigued by the conversation (they were clearly inebriated) than the joint (it was being rolled with tobacco and I’m a purist), I stopped beneath the floodlit awning of a [&hellip

My Steviour

Recently, I learned Steven Beddall is the smoothest man alive

The Angel Jim

It’s always nice when someone supports you, be it with kind words, merchases, mail list subscriptions, or offers of romantic intention… Jim offered at least two of the above so inspired, I drew this

A Poem For The Holidays

As I was biking through the detritus of boxing day downtown, I was inspired to write my own take on this holiday classic

Lauren and Maureen - Laser Return

Lauren and Maureen bought some of my CDs and then things got awkward… so I drew this for them. Full story inside

A Stalker Wall For Cazzy

Congrats to Cazzy, the winner of the Ben Everyman super-fan contest! In addition to the merch pack, I promised a custom made piece of art. Given how much Cazzy seemed to like me, I figured maybe he’d like his very own creepy stalker wall. Enjoy… may it bring you many hours of pleasure

Twitter Art

Ever asked yourself what good could ever come of Twitter? Wonder no more! Tweet using the hashtag #isaaktalk or #picottalk to caption the photo. Take a screen cap and send me your favourites

Art Transformer - Shannon Allisplural

The next art transformer project is for Shannon Allisplural, she is an artist whose works may be seen here. Here’s a snippet from her blog: your eyes have glazed over. the monotony of your day has induced an unnecessary caffeine reliance, and your undeniable audio flippancy has everyone around you irritated and thinking you may [&hellip

Art Transformer - Mystery Painting

A mystery winner will get a painting using their favourite subject as both medium and inspiration: me. Part 1 of the video below. In Part 2 of the video I will hand deliver it to them as I tour in August

Art Transformer - Justin Tillyer

Justin gets transformed into a song about the thing he loves the most. As far as I can tell from his Facebook anyway. Click to watch the video

Art Transformer - Nick L

Nick didn’t say he like ponies when he signed up for my mail list… I decided to try and change his mind by making him into a pony.

Art Transformer - Christa Couture

This wonderful woman/artist signed up for my mail list, she said she never had a pony and always wanted one. I made her dreams come true. Also, go listen to her music here: Christa Couture – it’s awesome.

Art Transformer - Chop Shop Commercial

These guys cut my hair and like me on Facebook so I made them a nice drawing. The drawing depicts my feelings towards hair cuts. It’s hangin up on the wall if you want to see the real deal.

A song for Dylan

Dylan likes music and judging by his Facebook photos, also really likes babies. I combined his loves into one great song. Click more to watch!

Art Transformer - Tamara Stanners

According to the Facebook, Tamara likes the movie Edward Scissorhands and holding microphones towards people while they talk. Therefore, I decided to use technology to rebuild her in a more pleasing form. Click to biggify.

Art Transformation - Jean Mclaren Sharpe

Jean was the first person to like my fb page that I transformed into art. She makes crazy dolls, so I thought what if in an alternate world dolls make Jeans? Creeepppyyy… click to make it bigger and thus creepier.

Art Transformer - Veruska

Veruska really likes hockey, so I thought I would use my powers to give her a glimpse into the glorious world of Canada’s national sport.