Art Transformer – Shannon Allisplural

The next art transformer project is for Shannon Allisplural, she is an artist whose works may be seen here. Here’s a snippet from her blog:

your eyes have glazed over. the monotony of your day has induced an unnecessary caffeine reliance, and your undeniable audio flippancy has everyone around you irritated and thinking you may be reacting to those artificial, honey-dipped gluten injections. essentially: you’re a drone.

it’s not your fault. you’ve been infected by the mediocracy virus; programmed, more or less, by social inbreeding. let us inspire you to unzip your flesh-bag and take a stroll down warm contracting corridors. oh yeah, and while you’re happily distracted by exploring elastic bound thresholds, don’t mind that tingling sensation inside your skull…it’s just us, reprogramming your noodle.

I decided to writer her into the online version of the Choose Your Own Adventure style book for a cameo… check it out.

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