Lauren and Maureen – Laser Return

my_heartI recently played at The Biltmore Cabaret, and setup my merch next to the headlining band’s. Sales were slow, to be expected, as the opener. Suddenly a couple of women stride over and look over my wares, politely inquiring about the prices, while signing up for my mail list, for which I gifted them free buttons. Clearly, a super fan of mine, one of the ladies snaps up my entire catalog (book too), throwing the cash at me like a silicon valley tycoon. Elated, I pocketed the money and vowed to buy a beer.

Minutes later, she returned, realizing she had meant to buy the other guy’s stuff, and asked for her money back. It was a little awkward, we all agreed, but customers first is my motto, so I happily obliged. Good news though, they didn’t unsubscribe from my email list so I didn’t have to take the complimentary buttons back. To try and re-inject some magic in to our failing relationship, I drew this picture and emailed it to them. I hope they like it.

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