My Steviour


Recently, I learned Steven Beddall is the smoothest man alive.

We met for drinks at a local watering hole, when we were approached by a very large, evidently inebriated woman. She strong-armed me into playing pool, for money, and recognizing the glint of drunken persistence in her eye, I agreed. Steve politely watched from a corner. She lost forlornly, kissing me on the head tenderly, while stroking my hair. She wanted more, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Getting sloppier by the moment, you could sense she was turning. Going over the edge of friendly drunk to belligerent. Finally she looks at us, swaying in an unseen breeze, and says “Do you think I’m a manattracker?” We looked confused, so she clarified, “you know, do I attrack men?” I was flummoxed, but Steve knew what to do, he replied “Don’t all women attrack men?” She considered for a second before nodding her approval.

She lost the game, took my money anyway, and we all walked away a little richer.

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