BC Musician Album Review

“After twelve solid hours of sampling a few dozen new Canadian releases I began to wonder if the majority of Canadian recording artists were suffering from chronic depression. Incredibly, almost every CD I’d slip into the player that day plodded on like a sick horse making its last pathetic march to the glue factory…”

ISC Semi-Finalist

The International Songwriting Competition announced their semi-finalists today and I got two nods (2AM Drunk and Select Start My Heart). Just thought you should know, you don’t have to do anything

Top albums of the year!

Looks like Subourbon made the top ten local albums of the year, read the whole thing here

Vote For Nothing

Tired of being heard? Weary from the constant strain of partially deciding the fate of the world? Well, fear no more. Finally, you can vote with absolutely no pressure. To Vote: Click on “Vote” button below to vote for nothing. Your votes will not be counted toward anything, and you can vote as many times [&hellip

Album Review - Georgia Straight

The kind folks at The Georgia Straight had some nice things to say about my album. Wait… I look like David Schwimmer? Well, maybe I do a little. Take a gander and make up your own mind

Super Fan Contest

UPDATE: Congrats to the winner of the contest, Cazzy! See the prize here Have you ever considered wearing Ben’s skin as a suit? Maybe you’ve been collecting locks of his hair and keeping them in a shoe-box under your bed? Now’s your time to shine in the “Ben Everyman Super Fan Contest!” Enter now and [&hellip

Everyday Music

This super cool cat Rod Mathieson has been filming 1,000 videos over 1,000 days… an amazing dedication to his craft. You can watch his videos here. I got to be day 484: The Motes and the Specks

Missing Mannequin Hand

On August 3, 2013 the hand of my mannequin went missing at the Railway Club, and is presumed stolen. The primary suspects (innocent till proven guilty) are depicted in this amateur sketch. Can you help bring justice to bear on these incorrigible bandits? No reward is offered, except the feeling of sweet justice. No questions asked for the safe return of the hand

Dec 14th Food Bank Drive

Hey Friends, bring a non-perishable food donation for the Vancouver Food Bank to my show Dec 14th and I’ll draw you a shitty portrait. Here’s a list of suggested/high need items:

Live on CiTR

Missed my live radio appearance? Wished you hadn’t? Good news you can listen to the whole thing by clicking here.

On the street yo!

Live video from Fete de la Musique – stompin out a beat on an old suitacase while the crowds roll by… click below if you dare!

the may cause

It’s been an exciting year for me so far and there’s so much yet to come. My thought baby was born on Feb 12, 2011 and weighed about .24 lbs. People talk about the pains of birth, but you truly don’t appreciate the feeling of squeezing a full-length album (jewel case and all) out of your body until you actually do it

More Than a Feeling Review

Read the full review here:

“Be sure to give this mysterious, witty, offensive, beautiful singer/songwriter a listen, because there is bound to be an aspect of his music that appeals to you.”

Review on

Read the full review here:

“Ben Everyman is what’s known as a shit disturber. Whether with his edgy, absurd wit or his melodic, minimalist songs, the Vancouver singer/songwriter knows how to provoke a response.”

Interview by The Show Loner

Read the full interview here:

“The music aims to be simple and familiar, skipping about genres like a retarded child, while the words cut lines of deep sarcastic scorn through the open door of the subconscious.”
– Ben Everyman

Album Review - The Province

Another review of the debut album by The Province. Read the full review here:

“The cartoon cover depicting a rabbit blowing his brains out might be an indication of Ben Everyman’s dim view of society, but his album’s eight songs are more enlightened than that…”

Album Review

Read Grayowl Point’s review of the upcoming debut album here:
“With such snappy wordplay as an album title and a name like “Everyman” you may be thrown for a loop. What you will discover is that you won’t find many better lyricists than this guy.”

Keepin it Real

As any artist can tell you, there is a tremendous amount of self-promotion required to be successful in today’s marketplace. I grow concerned that all this puffery will go to our heads, and I want everyone to know that I’m “keepin it real” so here’s a list of the top things that suck about me….

Featured on

Have you ever checked out Well you should. These guys are spreading the word about the hottest local indie bands – which is awesome. Surf over to check out my feature, but stay for the indy band goodness

Free Unreleased Track

Get a free unreleased track off the new album by signing up for the Ben Everyman mail list (it’s just to the right a little) by Nov 16th. All the cool kids are doing it&#